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Free PC Optimizer for Personal and Professional Use

Have you noticed that your operating system has been running slow? Do you suspect that you may have been infected by a computer virus? These are two common reasons to choose this free PC optimizer. TechGenie has designed this system to be fast efficient and thorough. This is also an excellent option if you do not have the time or experience to diagnose potentially dangerous threats to your PC. It can be downloaded within minutes and activated immediately.

Features and Applications of this Free PC Optimizer

This package is far more than a free PC optimizer alone. For example it is also able to detect and correct faults within your registry. It will likewise help to enhance the speed of your operating system enabling you to upload and download files faster. You can enjoy more space within the memory of your hard drive further increasing processing power. If you fear that specific files have been lost or corrupted there is a helpful option which enables you to restore them to a previous state. This is much like a system restore only you can choose to renew specific files as opposed to the entire operating system.

Free PC optimizer to speed up your PC Performance by TechGenie

Optimizes, Cleans, Troubleshoots and Keeps Your PC Fast

TechGenie Free PC Optimizer is complete PC optimization software with bunch of tools combined to keep your PC clean, run fast and trouble-free. If you are looking for an effective, versatile and free PC optimizer to run your computer at full performance, then TechGenie Free PC Optimizer is your pick.

Features and benefits

One of the features users love and PC experts recommend about Free PC Optimizer is its clean, no-fuss, and easy to use user interface. The interface opens up with icons of multiple components the software bundles to optimize and boost your PC performance. Hence, all you need to do is to just click the icon to perform an action to repair computer problems. Multiple components that TechGenie Free PC Optimizer bundles include PC optimization, Internet optimization, registry cleaner, disk defragmentation, and security advisor. These utilities are designed to amplify the performance of your computer.

With TechGenie Free PC Optimizer software, improving performance, diagnosing and resolving computer problems, cleaning registries, temporary internet files, unnecessary programs, unused files, other digital clutters, taking backup and restoring data, defragmenting hard disk drive take a few clicks. TechGenie Free PC Optimizer offers professional level of optimization results without having to know the nitty-gritty of running computer at a maximum performance – because it does its job once you click an icon effectively. Therefore, users with little technical knowhow about hard disk defragment, registry cleaning, diagnosis and troubleshooting, backup and restore can use TechGenie Free PC Optimizer software to enhance PC speed and performance.


• Neat, nice and simple user-interface

• Aesthetic icons

• Defrags your PC to make maximum use of hard disk

• Optimizes and enhance browser experience

• Speed up your PC

• Cleans registries and declutter PC

• Keeps track of Windows Updates, system restore and firewall status


• Limited tools.


  • TechGenie is a respected and trusted software provider.
  • Its defragmentation options can help to clear up hard drive space.
  • It provides a clean user interface.


  • Not all viruses and malware are able to be detected.
  • There are only a limited of tools offered within this free PC optimizer.

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Free PC optimizer


Free PC optimizer 1.0 for Windows

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